Course Description

R. Reconnection with yourself.Discovering how wonderful a total connection to yourself is and in a way that you will not have experienced before

E. Extraction and expectations. Looking at  your attachments, targeting unwanted habits

and exploring how to let these go. And defining an installing new positive habits.

L. Language labeling and letting go Evolving your external and inner dialogue so that your mind monkeys become you greatest cheerleaders 

L.  Leniency and levity. Letting go of self imposed  and perceived restrictions and Creating self love and self  nurture from within. Becoming playful and lightening up

A. Assuredness Turn apprehensions in to a state of assuredness, knowing that everything is ok.

X. X marks the spot. Understanding that everything you need is right here, right now, and RIGHT FOR YOU

NLP master practitioner and Mindfulness therapist and coach

Lou Henwood

Well done you for taking the first steps to loving life.We all self sabotage from time to time. We all have our own self limiting beliefs that stop us achieving what we want.This course is designed to teach you how to change that, so that you no longer hold yourself back from having joy and pleasure in your life and you start Loving living.I have done 20 years of research and training. I have condensed and packaged up the most prominent and effective tools, of all of this work and put them into 6 simple modules. This course is fully immersive and multi - sensory and at times unconventional. Be prepared to step outside of the box and have some fun, as we get to know the mind full of chattering monkey that tell us we are no good and put them in their cages. Take fear by the hand and teach fear not to be afraid any longer. And cuddle our anxiety keep it warm and snug and out of our way.I went from a woman with no self - worth and vicious destructive patterns ………….To a woman who took on the impossible and made it happen. Moved to the other side of the world ending up shaking hands with and doing presentations for some of the most powerful people in the SE Asia AND I was totally unfazed by it and loved every minute of it. You have taken the first steps to living the life that you love. I am going to help you grab it with both hands.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro: Loving Living. Becoming whole.

    • Introduction to the Loving Living programme,Becoming whole.

    • The villagers of Motag Living Museum

    • Imperfections are perfections in themselves.

    • Lets get stuck in

    • The BLAHH exercise

    • Checking in with your body. Do the exercise, then the meditation then the exercise again

    • Meditation

    • One last thing to prepare for the programme

    • Home work the mirror exercise. Do this every day throughout the course

  • 2

    1. Reconnection with yourself

    • Image

    • Progress sheet. Before we start. Take a second or two to fill in how you are feeling right now. and repeat at the end of the module. Remember, no one is looking over your shoulder, there is no right or wrong response. Do this in each module

    • Now you have filled in your progress sheet please do the blahhh exercise

    • Reconnection, understanding and communicating with your Primal saystem

    • Daniel Goleman giving you the scientific explanation

    • The physical reconnection written instructions

    • Reconnection physical exercise

    • Reconnection with the body/ primal Meditation

    • Permission slip

    • Short video clip explaining core values worksheet

    • Core values , this is a work in progress and will change throughout the programme

  • 3

    2. Extraction and expectations

    • Once

    • Do the The Blahh exercise before commencing with the Module

    • Setting Goals

    • Association and attachment

    • Nature video with birdsong and Subliminal meditation

    • A taste of nature audio

    • Emotional drivers exercise

    • inner critic exercise you might have to print multiples of this document as we use it many times over

    • Radiance Circle Meditation

    • Summing up and preparing for the next module, Adjustment, Accusation and Amusement

  • 4

    3. Language labeling and letting go.

    • Call me by my true names

    • It goes without saying do the Blahh exercise

    • Adjustment Accusation video lesson

    • Who are you when you are at your very best?

    • self love self nurturing meditation

    • Inner critic pt 2 / negative dialogue list/ where did the mind monkeys come from?

    • The mirror exercise. Do this every day

  • 5

    4. Leniency and levity

    • Little shmooz image

    • Progress sheet How do you feel now in comparison to the beginning of the course

    • Meeting the Mind monkeys in person.

    • Mind monkey meditation

    • Make as much mess as you dare

  • 6

    5. Assuredness, Air supply and feeding your mind monkeys

    • Be patient to all image.

    • Feeding the mind monkeys and using your own air supply

    • Cheerleader mind monkey meditation

    • Creature connections

    • Checking your natural cycles

    • Reconnection and grounding exercise

    • Congratulations!

  • 7

    6 .X marks the spot, everything you need is right here right now and right for you.

    • Cutting yourself off image

    • A little light refreshment from Joe

    • Other aspects that we maybe are not aware of

    • We feel the way we tell ourselves to feel

    • First aid Lemonade

    • A little light reading

    • Who is that person

    • Is that True Meditation