Loving Living

Loving Living, Creating a fulfilled and contented life

Creating a fulfilled and contented life | taught by Lou Henwood

Course description


  1. We look at our Animal instincts ,exploring how wonderful it is to to reconnect with them.
  2. Association and attachment. discovering what we are hanging on to that is really holding us back
  3. Acceptance and amusement. Addressing what is changeable and what is not and having fun with the bits we are stuck with.
  4. Systems, connecting all of the dots and techniques for  self regulation.
  5. Sureness, self confidence and self management. Coming to a point where we know, that whatever life throws at us we will be absolutely fine.
  6. Success and celebration
Lou Henwood
Lou Henwood
NLP master practitioner and Mindfulness therapist and coach

We all get stuck in thinking that doesn't help us from time to time

This course is designed to teach you how to change that, so that you no longer hold yourself back from having joy and pleasure in your life and you start Loving living.

During the course you will learn where and why we get in our own way.through 7 simple modules really effective trips tricks and exercises to shift our thinking, to thinking that serves us well and so that we feel OK even in the face of adversity. This course is fully immersive and multi - sensory and at times unconventional. Be prepared to step outside of the box and have some fun, as we get to know the mind full of  monkeys  and negative creatures we have. To teach fear that is doesn't need to be afraid, to cuddle our anxiety so that is our ally and not our enemy. Lets train those mind monkey to be our cheerleaders

Course Curriculum